Carla M. Vaughn

WOW (Words of Wisdom) is spiritual inspiration to support small business owners.  As someone who has owned her own small business for over 20 years, Carla is passionate about helping others to succeed professionally.  WOW webinars empower dedicated entrepreneurs to meet and rise above daily challenges through positive and uplifting messages. 

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Find Money with Focus


We all want to be prosperous and make money, that’s one of the reasons we’re in business.  However, it isn’t always about how much you have, there is a lot more to it than that. This webinar is designed to help you focus on what is really important, fulfilling your purpose and the money will follow. Enjoy this complimentary webinar and let us know what you think!

WOW Webinars

We all want to be prosperous and make money. Here are some samples of what to expect from our webinars.


Elevate Yourself

In order to grow beyond who you are now, you have bring yourself up to a higher standard physically, mentally, and financially.

Failure Leads to Success

The most successful people in business got there through failure. To get the most out of success you need to define what failure is and what success is.

Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

 We ask that you seek to re-define what prosperity really means to you. Want an added incentive? Get a FREE 40 Days of Prosperity mantra to kick start your rewards in our online store.

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