Monthly WOW Webinars

$39.99 12 Sections 20 Lessons

Course Description

Each week you will receive a new inspirational webinar specifically designed to motivate you and help you succeed, both personally and professionally. As an added bonus, each month you will receive a coupon for 5% off any item in our online store.

 *Sections are how the webinars are broken out, usually by month.

 *Articles are the actual webinars; each section will have four articles.

Course Content

Achieving Your Dreams

We all want to achieve our dreams, but what are the rules we need to live by in order to do this? If you want to truly live your dreams you should follow these easy steps to do it. You will love these webinars!
Achieving Your Dreams - Remember the ABC's Part 1
Achieving Your Dreams - Remember the ABC's Part 2
Achieving Your Dreams - Remember the ABC's Part 3
Achieving Your Dreams - Remember the ABC's Part 4

Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles will always get in the way of us reaching our goals, getting that desired client, or getting our product to the market. Changing your perception and your attitude will help you overcome these obstacles.
Trust Your Faith
Have Courage
You Can Handle Hardship
Pain Through Understanding


We are often under the impression that others are the cause of our stress, anxiety and problems when in reality we forget that HOW we interpret their actions is our part of the relationship. This webinar helps you examine what is said and done by clients
Relationship with Yourself
Relationship with You and Others
Quieting Your Personality
Who Are You?


You may want to grow your business, but are you really motivated to do it? Growth requires a mind shift and the ability to make a change. This webinar helps you focus on how to grow, knowing when you should grow and even allowing yourself NOT to grow.
Growth is a Choice
Growth Through Change
Growth Through Nurturing


Prosperity is not finite and should not be limited to money. It is endless and is all around you. It is your God given right to share in the richest of the world, He never intended any of us to be poor of mind, body, soul or spirit.
Your Right to Prosperity
Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
10 Commandments Part 1
10 Commandments Part 2